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"GGR International is a champion in protecting companies and providing solutions to take them to the next level."



At GGR we are dedicated to helping grow companies by strengthening their direction, improving their performance, and increasing their revenue by building strong foundations.


We understand that although our clients are experts within their industry, there are areas where they need help.  With GGR as your partner, our 5 divisions, marketing,  recruitment, training, consultancy, and CRM integration, are designed to be utilized either individually or collectively to benefit our clients.



To help companies reach that next level, GGR provides the services and solutions needed to get there.  However, what makes our company even more unique is we have the experienced and specialized individuals that are experts within each of the divisions.  Additionally, our team understands the importance of identifying where each of our divisions can help organizations who may have gaps within hiring, training, design and branding, sales process, and strategic direction.


Our expert team has the experience and understanding of how to grow and advance businesses.   Led by Claire Ansell, a champion of change, GGR's division leaders all work from a protect and accelerate principle.  Our objective company-wide is to protect the foundation of an organization while accelerating them to the next level by hiring the right candidate, delivering the right sales message, developing their staff, making good strategic decisions, and managing their processes.



At GGR we are known for our range of experience.  Our team of professionals allows us to fill in the gaps and eliminate the missing pieces that may be hindering your business development goals.  Utilizing one or all of our services provides our clients multiple solutions that address any challenges their business may have.  Rather than working with multiple companies or agencies, GGR is your smart source for elevating your company to the next level. We roll up our sleeves and dive in with a hands on approach that provides the guidance, support, resources, and positive attitude that results in building a strong foundation for success.


Everything we do comes back to helping companies generate revenue and achieve their growth goals. Our approach to understanding your corporate DNA and becoming an integral part of your business strategy, allows you the opportunity to benefit from the right service at the right time for your business, making us unique in the marketplace.





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