We do not offer a cookie cutter approach. GGR is renowned for our “get the job done” mentality and ability to think outside the box. Our wide ranging experience allows us to fill in the gaps and eliminate the missing pieces that may be hindering your business development goals.  We offer one or all of our services in a unique way that helps our clients address any pains or needs their business may have so that we can help you grow and develop your organization. We are not just here to advise, we’ve got your back. We roll up our sleeves and dive in with a hands on approach that provides the guidance, support, resources, and positive attitude that results in building a strong foundation for success. If you are looking for a company that goes that extra mile, then GGR is the company for you.


Everything we do comes back to helping companies generate revenue and achieve their growth goals. Our approach to understanding your corporate DNA and becoming an integral part of your business strategy, allows you the opportunity to benefit from the right service at the right time for your business, making us unique in the marketplace.


Each of our 5 services integrate seamlessly to offer a unique strategic partnership with one key function…to help provide the resources you need to grow your organization. We are here to help your teams grow… in knowledge, in numbers, in effectiveness. We are here to grow your customer relationships, your company reputation, your recognition in the marketplace, and your revenue.


We do not put band aids over broken elements, nor are we a quick fix solution, we are a fast paced and effective complete solution provider. So whether you are a small business looking to grow, a business that is not growing as rapidly as you had hoped, or you need additional resources in the key areas of your business, our team of experts are here to take care of you.


Learn more about our executive management team and understand how GGR is a strengths focused organization.

• Claire Ansell

• Jayson Nesbitt

• Melanie Pharr

• Clinton David


Here are just a few Testimonials and case Studies





1) AFEX. We have worked with Claire and her amazing team at GGR for nearly 8 years.  They were instrumental in helping us launch our business globally and we can’t recommend their service highly enough.  They are truly world class consultants and will help with every aspect of your business.  The day you decide to work with them will be one of the best business decisions you ever make. Stuart Holmes, Global Sales Director

2) DALLAS STARS. “If you need to change the way you and your staff approach sales to see an immediate and drastic increase, then GGR is the company for you. If you want someone to just come in, make a few minor adjustments, not rock the boat and increase sales by a few percent, then they are not. “ Dustin Smalley, Director of Sales at Dallas Stars (NHL)

3) Tremendous work ethic, professionalism, expertise and energy. We hired GGR in the middle of a new ownership acquisition and mid-season to evaluate, hire and train a sales team while implementing a new CRM system - in only 6 weeks. This team of experts took the time to fully learn our corp environment, leadership, culture and objectives in an effort to efficiently and successfully provide solutions. GGR exceeded expectations and is an asset to any company wanting to grow to the next level. Chrissy Mathews, Director, Marketing Services at Dallas Stars .

4) INTERMOOR Once you decide to go with GGR, you will notice immediately the dedication they have to helping your company achieve whatever it was you brought them on board for to begin with.  They show tireless effort in often less than desirable situations and do whatever it takes to get the job done on schedule.  If it is consulting or change management you need, they have a complete understanding of the true essence of “CHANGE MANAGEMENT” and they know and are very upfront and honest that it will not be easy.  The good news is that they are there   with you every step of the way and help guide you through the most difficult times of the process and keep you on track to prevent you from sliding into old habits   and understand how to keep emotion out of the equation.  For the one who is the champion for change, you can let GGR step to the plate for you when required so you can stay focused on the overall objective.  They were very well versed in evaluating the different personalities and interactions and can help prepare you for the change management process and the emotions that you and your staff will encounter throughout the change.   GGR are very skilled in sales and marketing and helped bring a fresh look to our processes.  While very skilled in the art of selling, they do not discount the fact that the oilfield still relies heavily on relationships.    GGR’s recruiting was nothing less than amazing and the approach they take not only lets you focus on the best candidates, but also helps train you in skills of interviewing.    They will guide you every step of the way and actually become a champion of your company to sell the candidates on you and the position.   Change is often required to help push a company into a growth period and GGR understand that change alone is not always the answer but an integrated approach that includes recruiting and training can help you achieve your goals.  Change is also often taken as a negative, but at the end of the day that is short lived and the results will start speaking for themselves.  GGR’s dedication was there throughout the entire process and their understanding of change, sales, marketing, recruiting and training is what makes them a superior partner to help a company achieve its objective. I would be more than happy to discuss with anyone contemplating a project such ours. David Cobb, Vice President of Business Development.

5) ACTEON. Acteon is a VC company with multiple subsea companies. Claire and her team at GGR have done a great job of helping one of the companies I'm involved in restructure its sales force. She was able to assess the competency of the team, find and help hire the right individuals, as well as help put sales process in place. GGR then went on to run a very successful sales training programme for the new team. I'd be happy to recommend Claire and GGR for sales and sales management hiring, sales training, and change management programmes. Paul Burwood, Group Sales Leader.

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